Key Issues

In Pursuit Of Justice For All.

Doing Justice. Restorative Justice. Collectively Responsible Justice.

I want to ensure we have a safe community where all can thrive. I want to build on the successes of Sheriff Penzone and continue to move the MCSO forward with integrity, accountability, and effective policing that ensures a safe Maricopa County for all.  In many regards, the Maricopa County Sheriff is one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in Arizona.  We cannot afford to allow the abuse of power or any attempt to turn the Office into celebrity.

With my years of experience at Phoenix Police Department, living and working abroad with non-profit organizations fighting human trafficking, and working alongside non-
profits here in Maricopa County, I believe I am the right person at the right time to serve as Sheriff of our county.

Doing Justice.

It is imperative we are properly staffed to effectively hold individuals accountable for their wrongdoing to keep us all safe.

Proactive Enforcement
I will utilize crime analytics to target crimes in our community such as fentanyl, gun and human traffickers, retail theft and more. Utilizing crime analytics to target the fentanyl dealers and gun traffickers. I will institute a task force team that will report directly to the Sheriff and will ensure the most current crime trend or safety problem is solved and executed effectively and efficiently.

Emphasize cross-agency collaboration
All law enforcement agencies have a common goal: ensuring the safety of the public. I will be committed to forming a cross-agency task force to ensure information sharing and collaboration to share intel and resources in real time.

Ensure MCSO is properly staffed to keep the community safe.
Work with the County and the MCSO to look at innovative ways to fill vacancies with competent law enforcement professionals. For instance, look at hiring incentives such as signing bonuses or continuing educational support, partnerships with community organizations and colleges. I will also determine if the MCSO can supplement vacancies and Office needs with retired cops working a job share program.

Comply and end the federal court oversight
The Melendres Court Orders were necessary to stop the Arpaio era abuse of power that unfairly targeted people of color in our community with little regard to the law. However, under Sheriff Penzone’s leadership, compliance has been 100% in two of the four sections, and 96% and 88% compliance in the remaining two. The federal court oversight has cost taxpayers millions of dollars and is overseen by court-appointed monitors who don’t even visit Arizona. I would invite them to come and see the good work the men and women of MCSO are doing every day. The court orders were needed, they introduced some important programs like the quarterly traffic stop studies, but now it’s time for MCSO to graduate from the court’s oversight.

Restorative Justice.

I am committed to a holistic approach to keep our community safe through restorative justice. This means not just locking up the “bad guys”, but working to prevent recidivism. This is not only good for the individual, but for families, communities and the taxpayers. I will build on programs championed by Sheriff Penzone, such as Mosaic, to provide opportunities for inmates to have the tools and resources they need to ensure they don’t come back through our doors. For example, through partnerships with organizations like Excel High School, we can help adults earn a highschool diploma. I will also work to create more partnerships with non-profit groups for life and vocational skills training through restorative justice.

Collectively Responsible Justice.

Justice demands we take responsibility for our community and protect the public by ensuring
folks are prepared to do what they can to protect themselves and the ones they love. I would like to launch an online Public Safety Resource Website that provides training material for all to access related to public safety. This can include information on basic first aid, how to properly install a carseat, but also highlight crime trends to be aware of and other important resources in the community with the goal of providing folks the tools necessary to safeguard their loved ones and property.

Paid for by Kamp for Sheriff. Authorized by Tyler Kamp.